Havana Passage



         When I first ventured to Cuba I visited a land that has remained a forbidden mystery for most American citizens.  Unspoiled by mass consumerism and global trademarks, Cuba remains a unique blend of Spanish colonial and 1950’s Americana with not a Starbucks in sight.  But now, after decade of economic separation, this island sits at the threshold of radical transformation as the country moves from an economy of Socialism to an economy of capitalism.  From the peso to the dollar.  Soon, what is distinctive about an isolated Cuba will begin to fade with globalization.


         For the past 50 years America has been obsessed with the political climate of Cuba while understanding little about the people, their culture, or their land.  My project, “Havana Passage”, is about observing, understanding and documenting the cultural landscape before globalization begins to impact Havana.  As the world becomes more homogenized I feel the need to photograph that which unique.



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