December 19, 2016


Much has happened since I last wrote, the big item being my relocation to LaConner, WA in the Skagit Valley. We moved here in July and since that time have been working virtually non-stop building a new studio. A studio that is designed for working with alternative processes. I have spent the past week unpacking a multitude of prints, negatives, equipment, chemicals…the usual things. I still have a few days of opening cardboard boxes in front of me, but I am excited to see everything find its place, I am ready to start working in there. It going to be a great stuido to work in and share with students and friends alike.


Although it is 5 months away I am excited about returning to Glacier National Park, Montana. I say returning because I was there for 12 days in October as an artist-in-residence but I was completely rained out. The weather set records for rainfall. I did get a lot of reading done, but I was there to photograph rangers and Mother Nature just did not want to cooperate. All was not lost though, I made some great contacts with the mule drivers who supply backcountry crews, plus a few other rangers and they are all excited for me to return in May. Glacier is a beautiful place, I look forward to spending a nice part of spring there.


I will again be offering my Tintype workshops in the coming year, beginning May 5, 2017, at my studio in LaConner, WA. If interested just go to my workshop page to view all of the dates. The classes are small, provide an abundance of shooting time, all the equipment and materials needed, plus very tasty lunches (dietary restrictions accommodated). 


Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Very Merry Christmas. Peace to us all in the coming new year.


March 16, 2015


A spring thaw is underway, giving us all hope that the real spring isn't too far away…one can only hope.  And in a positive vein I have now added 3 workshops I will be teaching for the Center for Photography in Woodstock (Palladium Printing and Wet Plate on Location) and Peters Valley Craft School (Wet Plate).  Both of these institutions are great places to learn and spend a few days during the coming summer.  Check out the workshops page for dates and links.


February 26, 2015


It is a snowy day and thoughts move foreward towards warmer weather and being back on the road photographing my farmer friends.  While I wait out the subfreezing temperatures I am able to devote my full attentions to my book dummy for Working the Land.  Happy to report it is going well.  I've already made one copy of the dummy, now I am editing the text, conducting a few additional interviews, placing the finishing touches on my essay, and adjusting images to be better represented on the pages.  I now have a writer on board (cannot devulge the name just yet) and he is a perfect fit.  One who is well versed in antiquarian processes and has written eloquently in the past.  I am very excited about this.


During the next couple of months meetings with publishers will be underway.  Stay tuned on this one.  Since my last posting I have exhibited this work at in Hudson and Rosendale, NY.  With more to come.


In addition to showing the plates, I am also enjoying a nice moment with my Viet Nam work, Ghosts in the Landscape: Viet Nam Revisited.  This is the 40th anniversary of the end of our involvement in the VN war, hence "the moment".  It has been on display at the SOHO Photo Gallery in NYC for the past month (closes Feb. 28) and moves to the Thomas J. Walsh Gallery at Fairfield University in CT.  (March 26 – June 6, 2015) and then on to the Vietnam Museum in NJ, later in the summer.  I will be speaking at Fairfield University, March 26 at the opening.  I'll post this on FB with exact times and address.


As you know I have posted my 2015 Workshop Schedule, so check it out and pass it around.  It's going to be a great summer in Woodstock.  Spring is right around the corner. 


March 28, 2014


Last night was the end of my crowd funding project on Indiegogo and it was a total success.  I am delighted to inform everyone that I raised 125% of my goal and I am Thrilled!!!  My heartfelt thanks to all who supported this with their donations and/or their spreading the word.  And to start it off right I JUST returned from Ithaca, NY where I was recording oral histories of folks I've been photographing over the past 3 years.  It was an amazing experience!  And the best part is I get to return to Ithaca in 2 1/2 weeks for 8 days of photography.  


I have an opening coming up in a week at the KMOCA gallery in Kingston, NY.  Address:  103 Abeel St., Kingston, NY  5-7 p.m.  I will have up 12 new plates for viewing.  Hope to see you there.


February 19, 2014


Good news:  My crowd funding on Indiegogo is a success.  Made my initial goal in 6 days and folks are still making donations, which is great as every bit helps and every penny raised is going straight in this project.  I've already scheduled two trips to the Ithaca area, where quite a few of my farmer images come from.  Very exciting and a big thanks to all involved.  Speaking of good news, I have two exhibitions in the works: one at KMOCA in Kingston, NY (opening April 5, 2014) and one at the Lifebridge Foundation in High Falls, NY (opening March 22, 2014).  Opening announcements will be sent out when the time comes.


Tom Persinger's book, "Photography Beyond Technique" arrived in the mail last night.  It looks terrific!  It is a series of essays from  20 photographers and lecturers at the Bi-annual F295 seminars Tom organizes in Pittsburgh, PA.  I am proud to be included.  Bias aside, it is a good read and would make an excellent reading companion for your students, if you teach and just good reading for those who are interested in the thoughts of a few of the leading alt. photographers today.

 More to come…


November 5, 2013


Here it is, my 2014 Workshop Schedule, or at least the early part of it, with more to follow.  This first release includes the Tintype Workshops I will be teaching from my studio in Woodstock, NY, including a new offering, a Tintype Refresher Workshop.  This 2 day workshop is an opportunity for those who have previous experience with the process but need to brush up on their skills.  It is the perfect place for someone who took a workshop in the past, has spent time since acquiring their equipment and is now ready to finally get started on their own, but need a reminder or two of just what to do.  As usual, the class size will be small, limited to 4 students. 


And here's a little incentive to enroll early:  If you do so between now and January 1, 2014 and send me a deposit of $250 to do so, you will receive a discount of 10%.  



In the coming weeks I will be announcing additional workshops that I will be teaching in New Jersey, Vermont, Ireland and others.


Arles, France:  One last update on this amazing experience from this past summer.  In July I traveled to Arles for the 44th annual Photography Festival, where I had the honor to be one of the featured photographers.  The work I exhibited was my Working the Land series, 26 plates in all, and it was viewed by 96,000 visitors during its 3 month run.  Very exciting.