Having twice been a student of Craig’s, I can say with absolute confidence that his workshops have been my best experience with independent photography instruction. Craig is both mentor and friend, both instructive and receptive, and his workshops feel more like a constructive gathering of friends than a seminar. In this digital age, Craig Imparts a unique respect for the older methods he teaches while still embracing the medium in all its iterations; no matter what genre or technique you ultimately decide to use, you come away from a workshop with craig with a richer understanding of photography’s potential to communicate deep beauty and humanity. Five years after my last workshop with Craig, I am still reaping the benefits of his instruction and I can clearly see the influence his guidance and encouragement played on the trajectory of my photographic career.


~Anna Beeke


I attended one of Craig’s pinhole workshops at the Center for Photography in woodstock, it was a great atmosphere and Craig’s presentation exceeded my expectations. He is very approachable, listens well, and addressed all of the participants questions, whether simple or complex. You could feel his passion and enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge of photography. I found the workshop thought provoking and fascinating. The highlight was it gave me the confidence with lots of ideas moving me forward with my work. It was an honest and visionary experience.


~Bill Delanney

Craig Barber’s relaxed, personal style of instruction belies a thorough, meticulous approach to craftsmanship. His studio is completely engineered to work safely with all forms of analogue photography and well-prepared students will come away from the experience with a quantity of great work done in a very short time. The workshop Handbook was thoughtful and complete, and he had on hand enough materials so that each student could work without concern about running out. Craig’s facility with the arcane methods of salt and collodial printing were very helpful to me in de-mystifying the process and showing me how to handle these processes with my students. I am eager to work with him again, and soon.


~Holly Gettings


Photography Program

Belmont Hill School

I had heard great things about Craig Barber and his workshops and decided to contact him independently to find our when I might be able to join his next palladium printing class. I was thrilled when I received his email indicating his willingness to put together a workshop in the winter months, scheduling the class to fit my schedule. He was prompt to answer my questions and generally great at keeping in touch. The workshop itself surpassed my expectations. It was so much fun! After introducing ourselves and our photography to one another, a brief tour of the studio, and the tools and processes involved, we dived right in to making our prints. I particularly liked that we learned through doing, rather than demonstration. AFter three long but very satisfying days spent printing, laughing and talking a great deal, and eating incredibly delicious lunches, I came away buzzing with creative energy and enough knowledge to feel comfortable to continue the palladium process at home in my own work.

Craig is a gentle man who is very generous with his time and knowledge. It was a real pleasure to learn from him. I look forward to taking another workshop from him.


~Claire Gilliam

By the end of Craig’s Pinhole Workshop I had my very own pinhole camera and was making beautiful images. The workshop was comprehensive and gave me all the fundamentals I need for shooting in a variety of environments. Craig is of the most accomplished pinhole photographers shooting today and he shares his vast knowledge with his classes. In addition, he continues to be an available resource after the workshop. He is a gracious and efficient instructor who will lead you through all of the steps in a fun and entertaining way. I have taken many workshops and Craig is one of the very best instructors I have ever had.


~Frazier King

I first met Craig in 2005, while attending photography workshops he was teaching in Prague. Although I was initially apprehensive about entering the world of alternative process photography, working with Craig instilled in me a passion for beautiful handmade platinum/palladium prints. His stunning work and personal style inspired me to explore pinhole photography and the platinum/palladium process, which have since become so crucial in my work. His mentorship and ongoing insight helped immensely with the project I was just beginning at that time in Prague and continues to provide a foundation for telling my story in the years since.


~Loli Kantor

This past summer I took a wet plate collodion workshop with Craig at Peter’s Valley Craft Center (NJ). Not only did I have the opportunity to learn a magnificent process, but I had an amazing instructor who genuinely cared about me and my work. Craig’s teaching was thorough and matched with lovely anecdotes that really added charm to the entire experience. Craig Barber is an amazing man and teacher, and I would highly recommend taking any of his workshops.


~Kristine Eng


I attended Craig Barber’s tintype workshop which far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I met Craig, I knew he was a caring and compassionate instructor, interested in furthering artists’ skills and vision. His studio is very well equipped, and I never once lost that feeling of respect and admiration for his organization and determination to share all he had to give. He took us into the field to photograph and make tintypes, possible only because of his vast experience utilizing his amazing portable darkroom and studio. I left the workshop with tintypes of my own creation, and a new friend and mentor.


~Kent Krugh

I signed up for a wet plate collodion workshop with Craig to further my knowledge of the process and was so impressed by the experience. Not only was he able to accommodate my needs and questions, but he created an incredible group dynamic that made us think and helped us understand the meaning of our work. This is by far the greatest workshop I have experienced. It was very inspiring to meet this photographer whose work resonates with my own.


~Maryse Goudreau


The fantastic thing about Craig Barber’s wet plate collodion workshop and his hand’s on teaching style, is that you get right in there and begin making plates (images) on the first day. By the end of the workshop I felt I had the proficiency and the confidence to produce tintypes on my own. Not to mention the amazing and healthy lunches, even catering to my gluten-free needs. The whole thing was a pleasure, a photo vacation.


~Eric Johnson

For anyone thinking of taking the route less traveled and discovering the magic of wet plate collodion, I would recommend taking Craig’s workshop. As always, I was nervous of my own inexperience going in, but Craig is a thorough, thoughtful and generous teacher and you will be comfortable with the process early on. The first time that little glass plate or piece of tin goes from the darkroom to the fixer, and it clears to reveal a beautiful gem of an image, you’re hooked. You will feel like you’ve performed magic!

Craig brags about the lunches Katryna provides and with good reason, they are delicious. It was an inspiring four days and I left with new ideas dancing in my head.


~Patricia Delker